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'Making is connecting because acts of creativity usually involve, at some point, a social dimension and connect us with other people: and making is connecting because through making things and sharing them in the world, we increase our engagement and connection with our social and physical environments'. 


Making is connecting 

The social meaning of creativity from DIY and Knitting to Youtube and Web 2.0, David Gauntlett

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Ava Ottilie Vaughan


  • Whilst growing up on the boarder of Wales and England deep within the scenic views of the countryside the adventure for the outdoors and handcraft became a prominent feature at a young age. 

  • This developed even further when finishing school I chose to study an Extended Diploma in Art and Design at Hereford College Of Art, extending greater knowledge and a passion for 3D Design. In which I confidently pursued a degree at Brighton University in 3D Design and Craft. Where creating functional furniture which incorporated human interaction and how by making it can create a significant impact on our mental well-beings became a key theme.

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'Home is where the heart is. However, the heart is very much often not where it feels at home'


The Origin of Things, Sketches,Models,Prototypes 
Thimeo Duits

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